Walking for sanity


Hi Readers!

Today I went for a walk with a dear friend…. did I mention how much I love walking in nature?  This spot is down by the river, the trail is easy, there are trees everywhere, and as my friend said “negative ions” which are supposed to be good for you (I intend to look that one up!)

We had a great conversation, we usually do, she is like a mentor to me and helps me stay grounded and sane in my busy hectic life.

We walked for about an hour until we came to the new community they are building along the river, and stopped at a place called Roma (a new burger joint) for something to drink.  I had a mango / mint iced tea which was amazing, and she had rose lemonade with real rose oil in it, it was delicious.

While we were sitting there the waitresses were bringing out some really delicious looking burgers that we plan to try next time we are in the area.

Part of being Merry (happy) is spending time with my family and friends and doing things we enjoy.

Till we meet again….


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