Yoga Therapy?















Today I am thinking about fitness and how it has changed for me.  A post on Yoga Therapy on Mark’s Daily Apple, and much discussion on the benefits of yoga has changed how I look at fitness and health.

I have been doing yoga off and on for a number of years… starting with hot yoga and moving to practicing regular yoga.  I remember hot yoga used to feel really stressful; I would be sweating buckets, and getting sweat from other people flung on me, sitting (or standing as the case may be) in a smelly room trying not to throw up from the heat.  I know many people swear by it but it is definitely not for me!  Then I found myself in a yoga class in the workout room on the first floor of our office and absolutely loved it.

I have always been the kind of person that had so much pent up energy and impatience that I thought yoga would be too slow, too easy, and not do anything for me.  My opinion definitely changed after that first class… yoga is not easy and slow can be good!  Especially now as I recover from years of working at a computer, whiplash and over all neglecting my physical health, yoga has helped me feel better and move forward in a way no other exercise did.  Yoga makes me stronger than I ever thought it would, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I am not a guru by any stretch; I am only going to one class a week, but it has made a huge difference in my life.

Thank you to the people that introduced the practice of yoga to the world!



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