My beautiful new workstation!


I got a new workstation! Normally I wouldn’t post about getting new furniture but this is really special … Made just for me by my dad, carefully and perfectly measured, cut, sanded and varnished with as my dad puts it, blood sweat and tears and best of all…. Love. It is literally the best and most meaningful present I have ever received. 



Thanks for the present Dad… Clearly that creative gene runs in the family!

Bacon Brussels Sprouts with Brown Butter Vinagrette…


Try saying that title fast 5 times!  It was title that caught my eye, not because it is a tongue twister but because it has the word “bacon” in it.  Have I mentioned my love of bacon?  Bacon is like candy in the Primal / Paleo food community… literally.  People make it with ice cream, syrup, dark chocolate… sounds weird but is actually amazing!  Then there are all the savory uses for bacon.  I cook with it at least twice a week, and eat it for its pleasurable self on the weekends.

This recipe comes from the blog Mark’s Daily Apple and my primal guru, Mark Sisson.  My guru not because he is perfect or knows everything, but because he perseveres and puts in all kinds of time helping people understand the lifestyle in a well rounded and simplified way.  And I NEED that… I only have so much time in a day to read everything I want to read!

But I digress. Part of being primal is continuously looking for new ways to eat real foods so we don’t develop “food fatigue”.  I found this post today for a recipe that I will definitely be trying.  It combines some of my favorite things… bacon, brussels sprouts and butter.

ingredients 40

frying bacon

step2 4



If you too have “food fatigue” and are looking for new recipes, and/or ways to use up your excess brussels sprouts and bacon, give this a try… even if you aren’t primal I bet you will love it!

Primal Shortbread Recipe


Some of you might remember me writing a long time ago about my experiences with being “primal”.  If you haven’t heard of the Primal or Paleo lifestyle, type it into Google and see what comes up.  It is becoming a movement in a big way and for lots of reasons; eating “primally” promotes sustainability, healthy habits and a simpler life.  An awesome side effect of being Primal is the amazing recipes that people come up with like these shortbread cookies from Paleo Spirit. One thing I have missed more than anything since starting my primal journey is shortbread… those little yummers are one of my all time favs!  I am trying this recipe as soon as I get a chance… with the holidays coming I have a great excuse. 🙂


paloe shortbread tea cookies

paleo shortbread cookies on rack