The Pain of Fashion


Hi Readers!

Fashion is one of the things I am the most passionate about…. there is nothing I love more than studying fabrics, colors and styles and then throwing them into a big pot to come up with my outfit for the day.

The pain of fashion is the dark side; as we all know sometimes clothes pinch, scratch, are too big or small, or just plain weird looking.  The other pain of fashion being, of course, the cost.

Some days I just love the outfits I choose, like today; a cream, puffed short sleeve lace top with an obvious zipper up the back; a pair of funky cropped cargo pants, and my neutral platform pumps.  It is cute, funky, a little bit edgy, and a little bit non-conformist.  See below (not exact representation but you get the idea).

August 11th

The problem?  My shoes hurt!!  There is nothing I hate more than shoes that hurt my feet…. it makes me grumpy and irritable, something I can guarantee no one wants!  I had no idea these shoes would hurt as much as they did or I would never have purchased them!

I love a gorgeous pair of shoes as much as the next shoe loving gal…. but I will not sacrifice pain for the pleasure of the shoe I want.  I have always found that there is a silver lining when it comes to painful fashion; if you truly love fashion and spend enough time looking, you will always find something you love just as much that is pain free (except for the cost of course!)  It might take you a long time to find it, but when you do you will hear the angels singing and hear the shoe/bag/pants calling your name in your dreams.