My Walk on the Wild Side


I live in a city like many other cities; it has fantastic restaurants, lots of green space, great shopping and a laid back and friendly culture.  My city is a beautiful place where you can smell the sea air and look at snow capped mountains.


Unfortunately like all cities, it has its chaotic side; car accidents, crime, and poverty among other things.

Today is a beautiful sunny day.  I am at work and feeling sleepy, so I decide to get some “outside” time along with some walking (a.k.a. “fat burning”) time.  As I am walking, I notice that the street has been blocked off.  I am overwhelmed with curiosity and apprehension.


I start to imagine different scenarios. Is it a shooting? An accident? Some kind of “police incident”? No way to know because they aren’t letting anyone through, so I detour to the next block, thinking sadly that I will never find out.

Then I pass by an alley that has been blocked off and realize it is the same alley where the “incident” occurred. Apprehension builds as I realize I am going to finally see what is going on.

What I see is that a garbage truck has knocked over a power pole while driving in to the alley. Given the size of the truck and the smallness of the alley I am not surprised that this has happened; I am actually more surprised I have never seen this before.  I stand and stare for awhile, waiting for something to happen, but all is quiet at the other end so I continue on my way.

When I get back to the office I decide to see if this accident has been reported (Is the driver okay?  How did it happen?) so I Google “Garbage truck hit power pole” and look eagerly for recent news. To my surprise, I find nothing on this incident but do find pages of news reports of garbage trucks hitting power poles.

6-26-2014 8-49-47 AM

According to Google, it is actually common practice for garbage trucks to go around hitting power poles. Huh?  How is it that I had never heard of this?  I started watching videos and looking at pictures of garbage trucks in dire situations, including this poor fellow who knocked down power lines and set the garbage in the back on fire.  Scary!


I had no idea picking up garbage was such a dangerous job!

I would like to give my thanks to Google for enlightening me on this unfortunate trend, and to thank all of our brave garbage truck drivers for their continued service despite the dangers of driving garbage trucks.  I will never forget when I see a garbage truck in the future just how much you do for us.